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Chris Goddard
Featured Exhibitor - Lincoln
Chris Goddard
LEGO dealers, custom lighting, printing, sets and much more......
Display your own Creations
Come and be a part of Brick Days
Mini-figure Speed Build Competition
How many can you build in 2 minutes?
Brick Built Derby Race
LEGO version of a pinewood derby
Mini-Figure Bingo
Bingo....but with a LEGO twist!
LEGO Graffiti Wall
One wall we don't mind you messing up!
Play Brick Table
A place to allow your creation to come alive
Awards, Raffles, and Swag
I'll take "Things you can win at Brick Days" for $200 Alex
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FAQ (General) Lincoln

General – Frequently Asked Questions (Lincoln)

How much does Brick Days cost?
Cost of admission may vary depending on location and level of participation. Prices for each are listed under the “Buy Tickets” tab.

How can I purchase tickets?
Two ways. You can pre-order you tickets online through our website under the BUY TICKETS tab or at the door on the day of the event.

What payment option are offered?
If pre-ordering online, you may pay with Paypal or credit/debt card via Paypal (no account needed). If you’re waiting until the day off to purchase tickets, the the same payment options apply as well as cash.

Does Brick Days have more than just creations?

Does Brick Days have more than just creations?
Brick Days offers a multitude of different activities all throughout the weekend. There will be a play brick area with speed ramp, mini-figure bingo, a graffiti wall, mosaic building station, derby ramp, vendors, food and much more.

How can I be apart of Brick Days?
There are two ways that you can be apart of Brick Days. One way is by just attending Brick Days as a Guest to enjoy all of the amazing creations, games, and activities with your friends and family. The other way is to register as a Guest Builder or a V.I.B.

What is a “Guest Builder”
Being a Guest Builder allows you the opportunity to display your creations along side other builders during the event.

If I sign up to display at Brick Days, how will I be informed of set up times and other information?
If have registered to display at Brick Days, we will send out emails leading up to the event filled with all the information you will need to have a great show.

Will my or my children’s information be used outside of Brick Days?
No. Any information obtained via the Brick Days website or emails will only be used for the event you signed up for and will be deleted shortly after the event is over.

I prepaid for tickets/registration but can’t make it. Can I get money back?
Absolutely. Just send us an email and we will make sure to refund you for 100% of what you paid.

Will there be vendors?
Yes. Brick Days invites vendors from across the country to take part in our events. Check out our VENDORS page for more details.

How do I become a vendor at Brick Days?
If you are interested in becoming a vendor at Brick Days, please send us an email via our Contact Us page telling us what you are selling.

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