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Brick-Built Derby

Pinewood derby?  How about a BRICK-BUILT derby!

Build a pinewood-derby style car using LEGO bricks and bring it to race* at Brick Days-Omaha 2019 and win prizes on Sunday, March 31st at 1pm!

Build Rules:

– All cars must be built from LEGO parts only and may include one (1) zinc weight piece (available from HobbyTown Lincoln) in a visible spot
-Starting area is 2 3/4 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches long, and the front of the car may not stick out past the starting line.
-Wheels must be at least 4 studs apart (no LEGO part restrictions on wheel type)
-All cars must have a flat surface for placement of a penny-sized sticker.

Size limits:

-Width: 8 studs maximum from outside wheel to outside wheel
-Length: 12 studs maximum from front to back
-Height: maximum of 10 bricks tall

LEGO Derby Rules:

Racing will begin Sunday March 31st at 1pm.

All cars must be checked-in for inspection at noon.  Cars will race head-to- head in a double-elimination style tournament, with a second-chance bracket to race against the top car in the winners’ bracket.

Awards will be distributed to the champion and to the runner up!

*To register for this contest, you will first need to purchase a General Admission ticket for Sunday or a VIB Pass for Nebraska Brick Days-Omaha 2019 at!

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